In this guide, we will cover:

  • What you should look for in an electrical design software system
  • The key features of electrical design software
  • The benefits of using electrical design software
  • Why you should use electrical design software
  • How electrical design software can save you time and money

Easy-to-Use Quoting and Plans Markup Software for Electricians and Electrical Contractors

A good quoting and plans markup tool for electricians will:

  • Be easy to use
  • Be designed for the trades
  • Enables you to create quotes, mark up plans, and work offline

A powerful electrical estimating software like ZapQuote makes it easy to quote material costs. Built into the platform are features focused on trade contractors like document version control.

What are the Best Electrical Design and Electrical Quoting Software Programs?

There are many different electrical design and quoting software programs out there; some paid and some free. The most popular electrical design software UK is one called Starquote. This program allows you to do everything from drawing the initial cad plans, to making price lists of all your materials, to creating your final quote with margins in minutes. You can also create sub prices lists for all the smaller jobs that you have coming up on a big job such as sockets and lights, so that when it comes time to do your invoices, you don’t have to go back through the whole plan and estimate every single item again!

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Learn more about electrical estimating software that electricians trust.

As an electrical contractor, you’re probably using estimating software that’s difficult to learn and hard to use. That means your quoting process is taking too long, costing you time and money—and costing you clients.

With ZapQuote, you’ll get the job done faster and more accurately than with anything else on the market today.

ZapQuote lets you:

  • Work with greater speed and ease than any other electrical estimating software available
  • Quote more jobs in less time so you can win more work
  • Spend less time on administration, freeing up your time for project management or even additional projects
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