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Trades Markup Software

Save time marking up your plans

Calling all trades! Easily mark up any PDF plan and generate dynamic quotes for your customers, easily and all in one place.

*Introductory Offer – FREE for 30 days, then £5 p/m

Trades Markup Software

How ZapQuote Works & Saves You Time

We have just launched ZapQuote. It’s a desktop software to simplify and speed up the quoting and markup process
for electricians or builders etc. Grab your free trial today see below 👇

Working with ZapQuote is easy as 1..2..3..4

All the tools you need inside every project

Uncomplicated, dynamic markup and quoting software

Link Tool

Link related icons together
i.e. indicate groups of lights
on a switch.

Text Tool

 Add text to your mark
up in any colour
or font size

Slider Tool

Easily increase or decrease
the size of icons on your
plan in one swipe

Room Markout Tool

Mark out areas on your plan.
Name the room and this activates
the quote by room function.

Measurement Tool

Calibrate to your markup and take measurements straight off the imported .pdf plan

Short Cuts

Shortcuts to make your mark up even
quicker. Including fast drop and

Many tools;

one simple price

Pay monthly and cancel at any time

Free trial is for 30 days. Price includes VAT.


1 project
per month

Introductory offer

Uncomplicated, dynamic markup and quoting software


Uncomplicated Trades Markup Software and all you need to know

All your questions you need here. We are happy to help and if you can’t find what you are looking for
send us a message and we will do what we can to help and support you.

Do you have a Video Walkthrough Section2022-05-06T20:53:17+01:00

Yes, we have created a number of video walkthroughs to get you started, but feel free to contact us should you need any further help.

How do I make my quote pack look professional?2021-09-29T16:16:17+01:00

The more you add to the software the more you get out of it. Remember to add your logo, edit your cover letter, add your terms and conditions and insurance documentation. Ensure your icons are updated with price and description. Mark out rooms on your plan. All of this adds details to your quote. Follow the video tutorials to see how.

What do I do if I don’t have a PDF plan but still want to produce a quote?2021-09-29T16:16:58+01:00

You can use our blank page quoting function. This lets you drop icons into editable areas thus enabling the quote function to operate and give you a breakdown by room. Follow the video tutorials to see how

Do I need training to use this software?2022-05-06T20:50:13+01:00

No, this software was designed to be logical and simple to use. See the step by step video tutorials to guide you through

Do I need to enter my credit card details?2021-09-29T16:17:45+01:00

Nope, we want you to enjoy your free trial period. You will only be asked to enter your card details if you choose to continue using ZapQuote after your trial period has finished.

About Us

Welcome to ZapQuote. ZapQuote is a result of a partnership between 2 lifelong friends James and Phil. Looking to solve an issue facing many small electrical, fire, and security companies with trades markup software.

“How do I professionally mark up a plan without needing to go to university or fork out a small fortune to do so.”

After more than 2 years of hard work builds and rebuilds, head-scratching and tweaks, the result is a very easy-to-use web-based software.

When designing and installing complex projects there is only one way to do it; keep it simple…make it logical.

And that’s where ZapQuote comes in…

ZapQuote has been developed to make quoting for jobs as easy as possible. ZapQuote gives you the chance to upload floor plans in Pdf format and then create your mark-up directly onto the plans. The clever bit is, when you create the markup from your custom icons, the software will create your itemised quote for the client on the fly. It will create the quote in a presentable format that you can simply email to the client! Simple.

For a number of years, I did an occasional search for an acceptable solution but found nothing that worked as I wanted. Everything was either too complicated or just did not work very well.

The business was growing, so the need for software was becoming increasingly imperative. Eventually, I knew that the only solution was to try and create my own.

To kick off I teamed up with my life-long friend James Syme. He had spent 20-years running a small team of developers and creating and designing websites & Apps. He’d completed some inspiring projects.

We agreed that we did not want something that resembled Windows 95! Neither did we want complicated sub-menus, right clicks, double clicks, and option command function clicks. We simply wanted software that was intuitive, easy to use, and did not cost a fortune.

So, we set about putting our coders and designers to work in order to create a solution that would be simple to use but effective. I have to confess creating something simple to use, requires a huge amount of thought, ingenuity, trial, error, and difficult coding. But eventually, after several years, we got there.

This version is pretty awesome, but we have much more in the pipeline that will make ZapQuote even more powerful as time goes by – without it escalating in price.

As far as we are concerned the more users we have, the more feedback we will get.

I love new ideas and love to listen so if you have something you would like to see added or improved, let us know, we are great listeners.

Please go ahead and enjoy ZapQuote, we know it will  it enhances your business.


Just amazing to markup in the office, then walk round site with the client and make all changes onsite on my iPad.

Jenny James


"Time Saving!"

I used to do all my quotes on excel but since using ZapQuote the time taken writing out quotes has reduced by over a half and as a result I a getting more jobs

Ryan Ashworth

(Project 360)

"Makes Sense!"

I just love the short cut keys and especially fast drop, everything on ZapQuote just makes sense

Greg Harrison

(Systematic Online Surveillance Pty Ltd)

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