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Easily mark up any PDF plan and generate dynamic quotes for your customers, easily and all in one place.

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Quoting and markup software for various sectors

Building and Construction Quoting Software

Can ZapQuote save you time, effort and money on your next project? Why not download our innovative electrical markup software and see for yourself, 100% free of charge and with no strings attached?

ZapQuote is an advanced electrical design software suite, created to solve one of the most common problems faced by contractors and traders across the UK. Our intuitive electrical markup software empowers small electrical, fire, and security companies with the tools, features and facilities needed to minimise mundane admin tasks, and spend more time focusing on what matters most.

Less time in the office, more time on site managing your projects – that’s what ZapQuote is all about.

In fact, we’re so confident ZapQuote will save you time and money that we’re currently offering all new customers a one-month free trial. Give ZapQuote a try for yourself and if you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel your subscription – without paying a penny!

Try our free electrical design software today for 30 days, or contact a member of the ZapQuote anytime for more information.

The Best Electrical Design Software for AV/Fire/Security System and Lighting Installations

ZapQuote was designed to slash the amount of time needed to put together accurate quotations for customers. Manual marking up processes that would once have taken several hours can now be completed in a matter of minutes, freeing up invaluable resources is to allocate elsewhere.

All you need to do is upload your project PDFs to ZapQuote, or you can use the in-built blank page quotation function to create a quote from scratch. After which, you’ll gain access to a full suite of useful tools and features, included as standard in our exclusive building quote software.

Examples of which include the following:

  • Link Tool – Link related icons together i.e. indicate groups of lights on a switch.
  • Text Tool – Add text to your mark up in any colour or font size.
  • Slider Tool – Easily increase or decrease the size of icons on your plan in one swipe.
  • Room Markout Tool – Mark out areas on your plan. Name the room and this activates the quote by room function.
  • Measurement Tool – Calibrate to your markup and take measurements straight off the imported .pdf plan.
  • Short Cuts – Shortcuts to make your mark up even quicker, including fast drop and micro-movements.

The simplified drag and drop interface makes it so much easier to mark up your PDFs for construction work – no pens, rulers or highlighters. You also don’t need to worry about making mistakes, as corrections and adjustments can be made instantaneously at any time.

Sophisticated Electrical Design Software for Contractors

ZapQuote was engineered to fill a major gap in the market – a sophisticated yet straightforward markup and quoting tool, which all smaller businesses can afford to use.

We built ZapQuote based on the feedback and suggestions of small electrical, fire, and security companies across the UK, who said they’d rather spend less time in the office and more time getting hands-on with their projects.

With ZapQuote, all aspects of the markup and quotation process can be streamlined, simplified and accelerated. Now available for just £5 per month for a limited time, ZapQuote could be just the thing to boost your efficiency and output at an unbeatable price.

Learn more about our innovative electrical design software online, or contact a member of the ZapQuote support team anytime to learn more.

All the tools you need inside every project

Link Tool

Link related icons together i.e. indicate groups of lights on a switch.

Comments Tool

Add comments to your plan for people on your team.

Slider Tool

Easily control the size of the icons on your plan.

Room Markout Tool

Mark out areas on your plan. This activates the quote by room function.

Colour Tool

Easily change the colour of icons on your plan.

Measurement Tool

Scale the plan and take measurements.

Uncomplicated, dynamic markup and quoting software

Many tools; one simple price

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Do you have a Video Walkthrough Section2022-05-06T20:53:17+01:00

Yes, we have created a number of video walkthroughs to get you started, but feel free to contact us should you need any further help.

Click here for Video Walkthroughs
How do I make my quote pack look professional?2021-09-29T16:16:17+01:00

The more you add to the software the more you get out of it. Remember to add your logo, edit your cover letter, add your terms and conditions and insurance documentation. Ensure your icons are updated with price and description. Mark out rooms on your plan. All of this adds details to your quote. Follow the video tutorials to see how.

What do I do if I don’t have a PDF plan but still want to produce a quote?2021-09-29T16:16:58+01:00

You can use our blank page quoting function. This lets you drop icons into editable areas thus enabling the quote function to operate and give you a breakdown by room. Follow the video tutorials to see how

Do I need training to use this software?2022-05-06T20:50:13+01:00

No, this software was designed to be logical and simple to use. See the step by step video tutorials to guide you through

Do I need to enter my credit card details?2021-09-29T16:17:45+01:00

Nope, we want you to enjoy your free trial period. You will only be asked to enter your card details if you choose to continue using ZapQuote after your trial period has finished.

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